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News from an interview with Darren Aronofsky

12. Feb. 2014


No robes, no sandals! And director Darren Aronofsky promised actor Russell Crowe not to shoot him as Noah with two giraffes standing behind him. In a newly published Interview with »Rolling Stone« Aronofsky, who celebrates his birthday today, revealed some interesting details about the Hollywood epic.

»Noah« will be a movie for everyone. The film accepted the text of the Genesis Flood story completely as truth, »just like if I was to adapt any book«. Of course he had to dramatize the story and enhance it into a two-hour movie. (»In the Bible, Noah doesn't even speak.«) durch dramaturgische Elemente ergänzen müssen. »We tried to remain truthful to the themes and the ideas that are written, but to create a dramatic story for a 21st-century audience.« Believers would see their values represented in the film and non-believers would be excited because it will be not as their grandmother's bible.

You can read the full interview here and I'm looking forward to see how close Aronofsky will be to the message of the bible – concerning content and theology.

Timo Roller

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