Keynote at Noah Symposium Sirnak by Bill Crouse

Recording of his lecture on Friday, September 29, 2013

10. Oct. 2013

Bill Crouse hold a lecture at the International Noah and Cudi Dagh Symposium in Sirnak about »Five Reasons Noah’s Ark Did not Land on Mt. Ararat; Five Reasons Why It Did Land On Cudi Dagh«

In the paper he presented he wrote: »I was once was a strong advocate of Mt. Ararat/Agri Dagh as the landing place of Noah’s Ark. It was the highest mountain in the area and there seemed to be a plethora of astonishing eyewitness accounts from natives and World War II soldiers. I was so convinced that I made two trips to the spectacular mountain in the 80's and climbed to it’s summit. However, in the process of evaluating the evidence, I was puzzled by contradictory nature of the alleged eyewitnesses. This set me on a quest to evaluate the evidence from ancient history. These facts and other matters brought me to a complete change of mind where I had to reject the Mt. Ararat thesis.«

Here is a recording of his important presentation.

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